Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I always back into driveways

Several consumer and safety groups are pushing for rear-view cameras to prevent back-over crashes.  While it's a worthwhile cause, I back into driveways to avoid these and other types of terrible accidents.

As a person approaches a driveway, he/she will almost always have an excellent view of the sidewalk and driveway.  Perhaps just as important, pedestrians and children in the area expect cars to be in the street and typically have an unimpeded view of the road with respect to seeing an automobile.  In addition to engine noise, moving from the street to sidewalk/driveway usually creates more noise further alerting any people in the area that an automobile is approaching.  In short, when parking the driver has an excellent view of the area to observe a child or other hazard and pedestrians have an easy time recognizing that an automobile is approaching.

When a person exits the driveway, he/she has an excellent view of everything in front.  Certainly a child that isn't underneath the car will be seen in normal circumstances.  The driver will have a better chance of seeing and reacting to pedestrians hidden by hedges, trees, and other objects.

Writing broadly, I (almost) always back into spaces in parking lots for many of the same reasons above.  With a little practice it gets much easier.  Everyone should do it.

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