Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Plestcher Double Kickstand Bolt

We recently picked up a used Bike Friday Triple Tandem to ride with the kids.

The Boss with our boy.
As one might guess, it's huge and heavy.  The old owner smartly picked up a Pletscher Double Kickstand for the bike but decided to use the clamp instead of the kickstand plate.

Naturally, this lead to what size and length of a bolt do I need?  A quick search didn't result in any satisfying hits so after a few measurements and quick trip to an auto part store, I picked up ...

The shortest M10x1.5mm screw at the store
I was relatively confident that it would be too long but just to check ...

That is about 5 mm

... so I picked up a few washers.  If you're looking for a short screw for a Pletscher Double Kickstand for a kickstand plate, I'd get a M10x1.5x16mm screw.

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