Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great advice

A hero of United Flight 232, Denny Fitch, died recently.  As an off-duty airline pilot, Fitch helped "land" Flight 232 after a turbine fan shattered severing the hydraulic lines needed to control the airplane by manually adjusting the throttles while sitting on his knees.  While Fitch was devastated by the 111 people that died, he eventually recovered from his injuries, returned to work as a pilot and eventually became a motivational speaker.  

From an interview in a documentary about the crash ... 

"What makes you so sure you're going to make it home tonight?" he said. "I was 46 years old the day I walked into that cockpit. I had the world ahead of me. I was a captain on a major U.S. airline. I had a beautiful healthy family, loving wife, great future. And at 4 o'clock I'm trying to stay alive."
From the Associated Press article
Fitch became a motivational speaker, who advised others that they should let their family and friends know how much they're loved.
Great advice by any standard.

P.S. The linked documentary above is great.  Highly recommended.

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